• 111 Callandoon Street, PO Box 687, Goondiwindi, Qld, 4390 Australia
  • 07 46 700 700
  • info@caregoondiwindi.org.au

Community Justice Group

The Goondiwindi Community Justice Group (CJG) aims to provide solutions for reduced crime and social problems within the Goondiwindi Region.

The CJG works with both magistrates and district courts to address specific need within the offending individual. CJG then provides a suitable pathway for the individual via the following avenues:

Delivers programs to help clients avoid re-offending.

Rehabilitation and reintegration of clients back into the community

Assist with access to legal advice and helping to resolve conflict

Initiating programs on community projets
such as the Goondiwindi Community Gardens.

Care Goondiwindi – Community Justice
Cheryl Moggs – Coordinator
Monday – Thursday 8.30am to 4.30pm


Care Goondiwindi Assoc. Inc
Phone: (07) 4670 0700
E-mail: info@caregoondiwindi.org.au