• 111 Callandoon Street, PO Box 687, Goondiwindi, Qld, 4390 Australia
  • 07 46 700 700
  • info@caregoondiwindi.org.au

Management Committee

The Management Team consists of:

  • The Management Committee
  • Manager

The role of the Management Committee is to represent Care Goondiwindi Association Inc’s members in determining and ensuring appropriate organizational performance.

To facilitate this, the Management Committee will develop policies and plans as well as measure the performance of the Manager against strategic outcomes.


2015-2016 – Annual Report

The Management Committee consists of members who are community representatives elected for a one year term.

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Management Committee

Julia Telford – President

Care Goondiwindi Management Committee

Back Row: (L to R) Julia Telford (President), Kerry Corish, Emily Clark, Bridget Slack-Smith & Jason Watt

Front Row: (L to R) Anna Carswell, Toni Rissmann, Sally Cooper, Melissa Hill & Peter McMurtrie

Absent: Sean Rice (Vice President), Chantal Masters & Vanessa Mendes.