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NDIS – Steps to take

1. See if you are eligible for NDIS

To check on your eligibility for the NDIS you can ring 1800 800 110 – 8am to 5pm (AEST) Monday to Friday. (If you currently receive disability services you will be contacted before your area transitions. If you are not currently receiving services you will be able to apply to access the NDIS when it is available in your area.)

For people who are eligible for the NDIS, it’s a good idea to start thinking about your goals and needs for the future. As one of the first things that will happen is to have a meeting with your planner who is employed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).


2. Start planning your needs and goals for the future.

NDIS provides people with an opportunity to think about what they want for their future, where they want to be, what they want to be doing, and the supports that they need to achieve their dreams and goals. The key parts of the new system are built upon choice, control and flexibility which provide a platform that can enable people to think and plan differently.
Some of the things to thing about when developing your individual plan are:
* What do I do day to day?
* Where do I live and with whom?
* Who are my friends and the people that I have relationships with?
* What support do I need for my health and wellbeing?
* What support do I need doing things day to day and learning new things?

Key areas to focus on to develop goals and dreams
Employment – Would you like to get a job, volunteer, or change your work hours?
Education – Would you like to attend school, university or a course?
Social participation – Would you like to join a club, be more able to attend events, see you friends or make new friends?
Independence – Would you like to get around the house or community on your own or with less assistance?
Living arrangements – Would you like to modify your home or live somewhere different?
Health and wellbeing – Would you like to be more active or take up a sport?
So start planning your goals and needs for you future. Care Goondiwindi has provided a planner for you to use to assist with your future goals under NDIS.
Click here to view: NDIS Planning Info Pack


3. Meet with your NDIA planner to develop your Individualised Plan

The next step will be to meet the NDIA planner, they will contact you to arrange a meeting at a time that is convenient to you. During this meeting your planner will discuss your goals, work through the supports and services you currently receive and those you’d like to receive in future, in order to develop your individualised plan.
The NDIA interview can occur either face to face or over the phone, and you are encouraged to have support people with you if you choose such as family members, carers,friends or others to be part of your decision-making or to support you in the planning process.

Click here to view: NDIS Planning Workbook

4. Put your Individualised Plan into action

You will need to decide what support networks you would like and how you are going to manage your NDIS package. Some of the options in which plans can be managed are:
* Agency Managed – this is where the providers claim directly from the NDIA.
* Plan Manager – funding in your plan is allocated for a third party to manage the financial transactions in your plan.
* Self Managed – you (or your nominee) directly manage the funds; all transactions are completed by the participant for services rendered.
* Automated Payments (transport only) – these funds can be deposited into an NDIS bank account weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
* Combination – a combination of the above four options can be used together to meet your individual needs.


5. Yearly review of your plan

Your individualised plan with your NDIS planner is usually reviewed yearly. If your circumstances change, you can request a review of your plan at any time.

Care Goondiwindi can assist you in making the transition to the NDIS. For more details contact Fiona or Kellie on (07) 4670 0700. 

Fiona Verdon

Kellie Rice